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At Meritage we are committed to maintaining a regular flow of quality information to our investors. This section of our website provides you with the convenience of all of your investor correspondence and records in a secure environment, as well as access to our quarterly and annual update letters. We hope you find this portion of our website informative and useful. Please keep in mind the material in this section is proprietary/confidential information, only available to our investors and their advisors.

All partners in Meritage assets receive reports from us within 45 days after the end of each quarter providing narrative updates on their Fund’s activities and individual property performance, as well as year-end reports prior to the end of March. You will also continue to receive your K-1 tax information by April 1 of each year and Financial Statement shortly thereafter. In addition, each investor in the Meritage/Oppenheimer funds will be able to access his/her capital statements, distribution and capital call notices and K-1 information through our secure password-protected portal.

As always, please do not hesitate to call or write us with any questions or concerns.

Andrew J. Nathan
Managing Member

Mindy Tucker
Chief Financial Officer